Horsefeathers Clothing are the people, experience and passion. People inside the brand are the people who live with snowboarding and skateboarding. People and their passion for these sports.
They create what Horsefeathers is. And they create outerwear and streetwear products that they need for their passion. We ride it by ourselves and therefore they are so well worked-out and high-quality. We rely on them every second of our ardour in the mountains, in a powder snow, on the street, in a skate park or at night on a party.

The story of Horsefeathers brand begins in 1989 when it emerged from a secondary school student’s project in Canadian British Columbia. One of them was today´s co-owner Hanuš Salz. He brought this brand to Czech Republic in 1992 and the following years developed it together with his friend Pavel Kubíček on a domestic and international market where Horsefeathers, after 25 years of its existence, is an established brand. It is ceaselessly owned by only these two owners, snowboarder and skateboarder, without any other investor.

Companies and products are developing, but what stays is the DNA of the brand that is ceaselessly carried together with it. It´s that feeling before you drop to the untouched plain full of fresh powder snow, it´s perfectly done trick during the jump, it´s a very good flip from the stairs, reaching the peak or conquest of you, and at the same time it´s an entertainment with friends and our own worldview. All these feelings we bring with us and every day we put them into the products we are working on, create, promote and sell. This is the Horsefeathers brand. You gain a small piece of our passion with every product, so just burst out and enjoy your own!