Costa Coffee

Be Environmentally-Friendly


Tuesday 12 March 2019

Minimizing our impact on the environment is not just a trend, it’s actually about living better. The question is how to begin. Well, you can start right now or tomorrow morning by visiting your closest Costa Coffee.

Plastic is everywhere around us. Up to 20,000 tons of plastic dishes are consumed in the Czech Republic each year. When we add up plastic bags, bottles, food containers, and other plastics, we come to a total of some 1.2 tons of plastic per year for the average four-member Czech household.

Coffee in Your Own Cup

Although Costa Coffee cups are fully recyclable, the combination of paper and plastic wrap is not recycled in the Czech Republic. Costa Coffee thus decided to radically limit single-use dishes in its cafés, meaning you can look forward to fewer plastics and more glass, or we’ll make your coffee into your own cup. Just stop by any of our cafés and our baristas will fill your cup up with your preferred beverage. Just make sure it’s clean! Loyalty card holders will also get a reward in the form of double Coffee koruna, bringing that sweet free morning coffee that much closer.

TIP: A Contigo steel thermos cup costs CZK 850 and your coffee will stay hot inside for up to four hours. Its ingenious mechanism prevents accidental spills. A ceramic thermos cup with a London motif sells for CZK 249.

The End of Plastic Straws

Each bit of plastic conserved makes a difference, so you won’t find any plastic straws at Costa Coffee. They’ve been replaced by alternatives that are more environmentally-friendly. These red-and-white straws are fully recyclable and compostable, and they go great with an iced americano or many other fine beverages.

Make your next visit to Costa Coffee more environmentally friendly.