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Lee Cooper Celebrates 110 Years of Crafting Quality Denim


Friday 19 October 2018

Lee Cooper was founded in London’s East End in 1908, becoming the first authentic denim maker headquartered in Europe.

Since 1908 to the present day, Lee Cooper has been a part of a new cultural movement; the stories of free-spirited people whose bold actions expanded the boundaries of thought and culture. Thanks to them, we can experience the freedom of style and the cultural diversity that we have become accustomed to today.

It began with the British Teddy Boys, then came the mods, the hippies, the punks, and all the myriad trends that came from the UK, Europe, the Far East, Australia, and the rest of the world: They made the name Lee Cooper a legend.

In the UK during the 1950s and 60s, four out of five work uniforms were made under the Lee Cooper brand. Today, 110 years after its creation, Lee Cooper remains the first choice for all those who love authentic denim and those who appreciate painstakingly crafted stitching.

During the last century, denim became a bridge between the worlds of fashion and music. Lee Cooper was able to elevate jeans to a symbol of rock music for all lovers of spiritual anarchy. Today’s jeans were thus an expression of free speech and the ideal piece of apparel for those that didn’t fit into neat little templates.


Today, we are watching a story that began 110 years ago. It’s the story of an idea and a promise that became a reality: the story of the Lee Cooper brand. The tradition, respect, and love for authentic denim that was born more than a century ago lives on in each pair of jeans, every button, and every stich. The story of Lee Cooper continues to be written by those wearing their favorite shirt and Lee Cooper jeans who feel free and have the whole world at their feet.