New stores at Fashion Arena Prague Outlet

Marina Militare and Boxeur Des Rues


Friday 30 November 2018

We have just opened twonew, beautifully designed stores at Fashion Arena Prague Outlet - Marina Militare and Boxeur Des Rues. Don't miss the opportunity to buy premium products for great outlet prices at Fashion Arena Prague Outlet.

The Marina Militare brand refers back to the beginning of the year 1000 in the histories of the republics of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa Amalfi. It’s strongly associated with the Italian tricolor, which has played witness to Italy’s history and traditions. The most prestigious contract Marina Militare fulfilled was with the admiralty of the Italian Navy to supply high-quality clothing and accessories. The inspiration that comes from the Navy is a reverence for honor and loyalty, all in a natural setting where the ocean meets that sky. This creates a force that powers the designers of these active and casual wear collections for men, women, and children. All of Marina Militare’s collections are fashion concepts made with the highest quality materials and with greatest respect for the surrounding environment.

Boxeur Des Rues is a brand inspired by savate, which is a French form of boxing that combines elements of Western pugilism with Eastern martial arts brought from Asia and the Far East to Europe by French sailors. These techniques were merged to develop a combat style that was most often used in street fights. Savate later moved into illegal fight clubs around the docks of the largest and wildest French port: Marseille. The enormous bets placed on the fights led to a definition of the sport’s written and unwritten rules. That’s where the Boxeur Des Rues named comes from: a fighter that was born and grew up on the streets. The brand’s look is thus a mix of street fashion and activewear.