Picking Clothes That Have Your Back When Exercising


Tuesday 2 April 2019

Yoga, boxing, or perhaps beach volleyball with friends? No matter what sport you prefer, it’s important to feel comfortable so you can really enjoy what you’re doing. But what apparel should you choose? Should your clothes for yoga be different than those for basketball or lifting weights? Here are a few tips on what to wear so you can concentrate on your performance.


Get a Sweat on While Boxing

So you want to start boxing? Your first training will only require a comfortable t-shirt, a sweat suit or shorts, sneakers, and a towel. If you find that you have a passion for pugilism, then you’ll need to expand your equipment a bit. Boxing workouts aren’t a cakewalk and you’ll probably end up drenched from head to toe. In that case, you’ll definitely appreciate a high-quality t-shirt made from materials that take perspiration away from the body. You’ll probably also need tape, either fully- or partially-elastic, which usually comes in rolls of 3 - 4 m. Don’t forget a pair of bag gloves, because you’re going to spend hours and hours doing bag work. You can find them in either natural or artificial leather versions.

If you’ve already moved on to sparring, you’re going to need a pair of boxing gloves, a mouthguard, and an athletic protector.


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Calm Your Mind with Yoga


Do you feel that you need to slow down and calm your mind while stretching and strengthening your body? Take off your sneakers, grab some comfortable clothes and find a place where you feel good; be that in a yoga studio, a forest, or your living room. You don’t need much to do yoga: just a yoga mat and some clothes that make you feel good, both in terms of the material and the style. Some yoga poses can be difficult, so your clothing can’t limit your movement, nor should it scratch your skin. If you prefer the more dynamic yoga practices or hot yoga where the temperature is 42 °C, you might want to consider more breathable materials with their ability to remove sweat from the body.


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Time to Play with Friends

It’s always fun to be part of a team. So even if you prefer individual sports, it’s nice to get together with friends or family from time-to-time to compete together. Badminton, volleyball, basketball, or the ever-popular football: there are many possibilities and the choice is up to you!

Equipment is important for team sports, while clothing is pretty simple. Choose functional materials that allow the skin to breath while removing perspiration. It’s up to you whether you prefer a tight t-shirt or one with a looser fit. However, a good pair of shoes is absolutely fundamental for any sort of activity. Cleats are a must for outdoor football, while gym shoes with light-colored soles are needed for indoor sports (to avoid having to clean up any dark skid marks you might leave on the gym floor if you take the wrong kind of shoes).


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