Do You Have Your Summer Outfits?

Summer is for Light Materials and Styles!


Monday 17 June 2019

What fashions should you choose this summer to feel as comfortable as possible while looking great? What to wear when going out; to a festival, when going swimming, while hiking, or to work? We’ve selected fantastic fashions from our stores that you can use as inspiration. If you have a free morning some time, grab a friend and enjoy summer shopping and great coffee on our terrace.

You need long dresses in your summer wardrobe. When else can you wear such a broad range of colors and styles without having to wear extra layers? Long dresses offer a myriad of patters, styles, and colors so you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Our stores offer an amazing selection. Imagine how great you will look in a Boho-chic dress while at a music festival; while a romantic walk through the city with that special someone calls for more pleated and floral patterns. Get inspired by the styles at Karl Lagerfeld & Odd Molly, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Pennyblack, McQ by Alexander McQueen, and Pietro Filipi. Or try any of our other premium brands that you can find here.

Pantsuits have gained in popularity in recent seasons and this summer is no exception. They are just as practical as dresses and are great for warmer weather. You can choose long or short options according to the mood and event. Don’t be afraid to try more extravagant patters and styles that will make you stand out from the crowd and shine at every summer party. You can find them at Lee Cooper and Marciano & Pinko.  

Sometimes, shorts or long summer pants are the best way to beat the heat. They are more appropriate for when you’re in the city or for trips into the countryside. The range of styles means you can find sporty shorts as well as more formal models that can accentuate your feminine side. Long pants can also look and feel great as long as they are made of light materials such as linen, bamboo, and satin. Be comfortable while looking good. You can find them in the Marciano/Pinko and Pietro Filipi stores.

Men also need comfortable summer apparel and just like women, summer is a great time to update your wardrobe. You don’t have to wear single-color t-shirts or oxfords that make you disappear. The current trends include summer patters such as flowers, palm leaves, tropical fruit, and even flamingos have made it into menswear. More extravagant patterns can help create harmonic, elegant, and refreshing outfits. Stores such as Gant man and Jerem offer stylish summer clothes that men can feel good about. Or visit our any other of our broad selection of brands with high-quality men’s apparel. Have a look here.

Bags, handbags, and backpacks are probably the most important summer accessory. Where else can you put all the small items and valuables you need to keep with you? But these can also be fashionable accessories! Let go of your inhibitions and go for fringes, outrageous patters, and bright colors.

Natural materials are also making a big comeback in the world of fashion. Straw, linen, cotton, and wool are all perfect materials for an eye-catching bag. This type of accessory matches perfectly with a courageous Boho-chic style that includes elements like fringes, intricate patterns, and natural materials. They are often large enough to be comfortably used for shopping around town, swimming, to the beach, or for a music festival. Find inspiration at stores like Pepe Jeans London and Rip Curl.

If you’re looking for a large bag designed for travel or the beach, choose models made from textiles. They don’t have the classic handbag shape so they can be easily folded and added to your luggage. Once you arrive at your destination, you can put everything you need inside: towels, sun cream, your favorite book for the beach, etc. Don’t skimp on style or quality and choose from various summer patters that can supplement your outfit.

If you prefer having your hands free instead of carrying a bag, choose a backpack. It’s a nice compromise for summer walks, hiking trips, or for sports. At Fashion Arena Prague Outlet, we have high-end stylish backpacks, as well as more sporty models. Find the right bag for you at Billabong, Armani Outlet, Esprit, and Levi's.  





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