By Dominika from Dom by Dom

Tips for the perfect denim outfit


Monday 15 October 2018

Fashion Arena Prague Outlet was Destination Denim for all of September and we spent the month trying on new jeans, decorating jackets, and tailoring all our new denim apparel. September may be over now, but the love for denim lasts a lifetime. That’s why we’ve brought in fashion blogger Dominika Lukášová to give some advice on how to select the right denim clothes to make amazing outfits!

Denim is a classic look that never goes out of style. Today, there are so many variations available that the fashion world could not survive without the material. Did you know, however, that jeans were an exclusively male article of clothing in the past? Wives of farmers would have to “steal” their husbands’ work pants. It was only in 1935 that Levi Strauss noticed the demand and created jeans made for women called Lady Levis with a cut to match a women’s curves and pink stitching that replaced the original red.

Today, no one can image their wardrobe without denim items and almost everyone has at least one pair of classic blue jeans, especially since they are made in so many styles: skinny, wide-leg, extra-long, shorts of various lengths, a myriad of jean skirts, and so on. You can even find oxford shirts, jackets for all seasons, light coats or warmer ones for winter, and dresses in all manner of styles and silhouettes, as well as all sorts of trendy accessories like denim handbags and shoes. Like I said, you can find anything in denim today and in colors far beyond the classic blue: There’s also black, white, red, and others as well. For the sake of simplicity, let’s stay with the classic blue for now.


So how do you combine denim if there are so many options? How can you make the most of your denim to create stylish and attractive outfits?

1 denim piece – Denim goes with almost anything, so you can’t make a mistake with a single piece. Whether you chose jeans or a jacket, just match it to your other favorites: You can go with a sporty look, something more elegant, or combine the two. I personally like to match blue denim with natural colors, so mostly beige, grey, white, and black.

2 denim pieces – Two pieces of denim in a single outfit are a bit of a challenge as you can either match two items with the same color or combine two different ones. In the latter case, you need to be careful and make sure the colors are different enough so you don’t give the impression that you just threw something on without checking to see if the outfit goes together. If you go with two denim items, I suggest the rest of the outfit be as simple as possible, because bright colors or prints could make the whole outfit seem overwhelming.

3 denim pieces – In this case, you need a true fashion guru because matching multiple denim items requires a refined fashion sense and it’s something I would be a bit weary about. But there is no limit to your imagination and if you’ve got the right pieces at home that are just begging to be worn together, then do it. If you do, I hope to run into you so I can get a bit of inspiration.