Summer is fast approaching

Enjoy Packing for Your Holiday for the First Time


Tuesday 14 May 2019

Summer is fast approaching and so is you’re dreamed-of vacation. That means now is the time to pick out the right luggage. Will a backpack that you can use as a carry-on be the best solution, or do you prefer a wheeled suitcase that’s a more comfortable option that can also carry more? Each type has its pros and cons that should be carefully weighed before you depart. In any case, your luggage needs to be of the highest quality, comfortable to use, and should keep all your items safe and secure.

First of all, ask yourself what type of holiday you take most often and what purposes your luggage will need to fulfil. Are you planning to trek around the Himalayas, lie on a Bali beach, or are you “just” discovering the beauty of the Czech Republic with your family? Not only should you pick between the type of bag, suitcase, or backpack, but also pay attention to its size, internal features, and weight. Don’t forget to select something made of high-quality materials that will ensure its resilience to falls, knocks, and brutal handling.

A Sturdy Suitcase for Urban Tourism and Weekend Trips

A wheeled suitcase or bag is ideal for a relaxing holiday, a longer business trip, or a weekend of urban tourism. A hard-shell suitcase that is light and tough can be a great travelling companion, especially those made from firm materials such as special plastics or aluminum. It’s great because not only is it waterproof, but it’s also easier to clean than a suitcase made from textiles. Makers of this kind of luggage often include TSA security locks that don’t require keys. Airport personnel can thus easily open the suitcase without damaging it in any way. You can find a broad selection of suitcases in the Samsonite and Kipling / Victorinox stores.

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Soft Bags that Can Carry Various Volumes

If you prefer luggage made from textiles, then their great advantage is the large number of external pockets for storing various small items; meaning you don’t have to open the whole suitcase every time you need something. Many textile bags can also change how much they can carry. So if you’re planning to come home with more than you took with you, it’s easy to just open a single zipper and get a bag that could be as much as 15 liters bigger. Be careful about water, however (don’t forget to waterproof the suitcase), more demanding cleaning, and a susceptibility to being damaged. If you’re interested in these types of luggage, visit the Samsonite or Delsey stores.

A Backpack for Difficult Terrain

A backpack, rucksack, or pack on wheels is ideal for a vacation with lots of travel. This type of luggage is especially practical. You can easily adapt a backpack to the storage space in various modes of transport and it’s easier to carry if you happen to be hiking. If you don’t overload it, it will provide you with a comfortable way to carry your things while not hurting your back. Remember, however, that fragile items (such as cameras) will need special protective covers as the backpack’s textile provides little in terms of protection. A wheeled bag that can transform into hand luggage can also help adventurous travelers. A backpack with wheels and a handle can be especially useful. Find backpack inspiration in our Hannah or Alpine Pro stores.

Playful Luggage for Small Travelers

Holidays with children are a chapter all unto themselves. Even the smallest travelers deserve their own luggage filled with their necessary toys. The type of holiday is again very important. A wheeled suitcase that a child can manipulate on its own will be ideal for a plane trip to a sunny beach. If you’re looking for a small travel accessory to carry a few items, then a backpack will be a better idea so your child can quickly get to that snack or drink bottle you packed away. The practical side is up to you, but leave the design up to your kids. There’s a wide range of luggage styles, colors, and motifs so there won’t be a problem finding something your kids will like. You can find children’s luggage in our Samsonite, Kipling / Victorinox, and Orchestra stores.

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