Fashion blogger interview

What Does Destination Denim Mean to Dominika Pokludová?


Friday 21 September 2018

Fashion Arena Prague Outlet has become Destination Denim for the entire month of September, an event no jean lover can afford to miss! Shoppers can take advantage of a number of complementary events while exploring our broad range of denim apparel. Stylists and tailors will be on hand to help you choose the items that fit you best, and you can attend creative workshops to decorate your clothes. Blogger Dominika Pokludová, who makes no secret of her love for denim, wouldn’t miss this event for the world.

Dominika Pokludová’s Instagram profile is filled with her experiences with travel, fashion, and food. Thousands of her fans have fallen in love with her laid-back, elegant style. We asked her about her favorite denim when she visited Fashion Arena Prague Outlet to experience Destination Denim for herself.

“That’s an incredibly difficult question, because I wear both skinny jeans and looser boyfriends and I feel great in both styles. And even though men haven’t fallen for the boyfriend trend, that doesn’t stop me from using them in combinations when I’m on a date. And skinny jeans? They are my universal pants for any occasion: with a nice top for a party; with a sweatshirt for the outdoors; or coupled with a blazer for a meeting. For me, jeans that fit well are the foundation of any wardrobe.